Someone told you to start blogging, but you have no idea where to start. What you write about? What kinds of blogs drive the most traffic? How do you keep your readers engaged?

Don’t worry. We’ve got just the infographic to get you started (keep reading for a complete breakdown!):

beginning blogging tips


Here are 6 easy topic ideas to get you started:

  • News related to your products or services – follow local, national, and international news carefully. When there is a big story that relates to your business, blog about it! Tie the issues back into what your company does.  Celebrity stories are usually big hits.
  • Changes related to your products or services – in our business, the Internet marketing world, changes happen pretty much every day. Google alters its algorithm. Facebook makes a new update. More social media networks launch. Report on changes in your own industry and bring it back to how it affects your business.
  • Company news – new hire? Office move? New product offerings? Tell your readers about it. Keep your customers up to date about the company. It lets them know you are still passionate about your business.
  • Useful tips – give your readers important, useful information. Are you a handyman service? Offer tips on choosing the right paint color for your room. You are the expert in your field, so share the wealth with your customers.
  • New products/services/promotions – Did you just launch a new product? Tell readers how to use it. Are you offering holiday discounts? Blog about it. Talk about the specific products or services your company provides, and
  • Personal stories – share about what’s going on in your life, and your employees’ lives. With their permission, talk about customer experiences and positive client interactions. Make consumers feel like they know you.


Don’t be afraid to get personal, but not super personal. Fit the tone of your blog to match the tone and style of your company. Always remember your target audience – write in language they will understand and appreciate.

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Written by Scribe Space Team