ScribeSpace houses a team of over 15 writers, editors, and content managers who fulfill content for clients for a wide variety of industries. We work directly with clients, and also allow employers to post their job openings and connect directly with writers and editors.

Every writer and editor who works for ScribeSpace must pass a writing/editing test before they are accepted onto the platform. This is to ensure employers are getting the very best, most talented creatives possible. Our team includes writers from all backgrounds, from legal writing to pharmaceutical advertising to retail copywriting.

Our speciality is digital content writing, however our writers also can help you with print work, writing copy for ads, creative writing, concept ideas, journalist writing, as well as resume and cover letter writing.



Abbey Finch Abbey Finch_LRis Founder and Owner of ScribeSpace. A professional copywriter, Abbey started ScribeSpace in January 2014, after years of freelancing and working in the corporate world.

In addition to writing, Abbey currently hosts and produces the talk  show Community & Business on  SOMAtv. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, interviewed by Emma Johnson, and quoted in numerous publications. Besides attending to her mommy duties and business responsibilities, Abbey reads to escape real life, nearly throws up in kickboxing classes, falls off horses while riding, and often stains her clothes.




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