At ScribeSpace, we know Internet marketing. We know that having a blog for your business is one of the most important web marketing tools at your disposal. A blog helps maximum the potential of your website, draw in new customers, and turn potential leads into profit. For more information about hiring a freelance writer to maintain your blog, see our Blogging page.

Four main benefits of blogging:

  • SEO Value. Blogging increases the chances users will find your site and ups your authority with the major search engines. The best part? Blogs stay on your site, continuing to bring new visitors to your site months and even years after you first post.
  • Answer questions your customers have and give them useful, relevant information. From “Top 5” lists to FAQs to explanations about complicated
  • Business Updates. Let your customers know about changes in your company, new deals, and promotions. Keep your current and potential clients know your business is evolving to stay current and always trying to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Turning traffic into leads. Search engine optimization and marketing helps bring traffic to your site. Having a great blog helps turn those visitors into real, paying customers because now they feel connected to you. They respect as an expert in your field. And they are grateful you offered free, important information and answers to question they had.


Your blog might not draw in everyday, regular readers. But, depending on the type of blog – that’s not always the point. The point of a blog is to increase the number of pages on your website, giving searchers more opportunities to land on your site. A blog typically helps increase search engine rankings, and target specific inquiries your audience has. See our previous post – WHY BLOGGING? – for more information about how maintain a blog can increase your search engine rankings.


Chart Courtesy of HubSpot

Blogging for business?

Every business can benefit from maintaining a regular blog on their website. So – the short answer is, yes, you need a blog, especially if you are using an integrated Internet marketing strategy. From every industry – retail to pharmaceutical – a blog can increase your website’s page count, boost your search engine rankings, and continue to engage customers.

Don’t have time to blog? Hire a freelance writer

Hire a writer at the ScribeSpace job board or sign up for one of our blogging packages. With engaging writing from ScribeSpace, we can talk directly to your potential customers and help them learn to trust you as an expert in your field. Contact us to learn more or call 973-224-3934.

Written by Scribe Space Team