A lot of our clients hire us because they don’t know how to write effectively. Understandable. Writing is intimidating, especially when you don’t have much experience. And website copywriting is a whole other ballgame. Well, look no further from advice from the experts here at ScribeSpace.

Our Top Copywriting Tips

    • Be concise. There’s a reason our tagline is “get to the point.” Remove filler words. Use shorter sentences. People don’t read web content. They skim it. Make it easy for your visitors to get the main points.
    • Speak to your audience. Think about who is reading your content. Who do you want to appeal to? Are they a highly educated crowd or teenagers? Make the information you present accessible to your target audience.
    • Edit. Proofread. Then have someone else proofread. Simple spelling and grammar mistakes may really turn off potential customers. It looks sloppy and unprofessional.
    • Have a voice. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality into your writing! Make it fun. Or make it serious. Try to show a little bit of who you are. Make people feel connected to your message.
    • Make it interesting. Give people information they need, not information you think they need.
    • Keep it above the fold. Put your most important info “above the fold,” meaning put the most important stuff towards the top of the page, before people have to scroll down. It’s like writing for a newspaper, you want to put the key points towards the beginning of the article, assuming many people won’t read until the end.
    • Stay on topic. Don’t start rambling about your political manifesto or opinions about global warning. Stay hyper-focused on each topic to ensure proper delivery of the message.
    • Sell yourself.┬áMake to include a “call to action” one or two times within each blog, page, article, or presentation. Don’t be too salesy – that turns people off. But you need to entice your visitors to turn into customers.

We absolutely love this presentation on “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser:

Intimidated to do it on your own? Hire the copywriting experts at ScribeSpace. We make even the most complicated subject matter easy to digest. Contact us today, order content, or sign up for one of our packages.

Written by Scribe Space Team