When you put time and energy into crafting great SEO content, get mileage out of it! For example, Abbey created a presentation on small business marketing for a local audience. She took the presentation she made and turned it into a webinar. Then, she made it into an e-book. Further, she used the slides for presentations on YouTube and SlideShare. Then, she sent out the presentation to everyone on her mailing list. Finally, Abbey broke up the slides and used the content to make a whole mess of different search engine optimized blogs. In fact, this blog started as that original presentation.

At first I was thinking, ‘why am I putting 12 hours worth of work into this workshop which lasts four hours?’ Then I realized I could reap so many benefits by syndicating this content in various forms across a bunch of different platforms.

-Abbey Finch

Remember: duplicate content is the worst. Don’t copy and paste the same words on multiple websites or blogs. Google penalizes sites who use duplicate content. However, you can re-use similar content in various forms across the web.


How to re-use content across different platforms

Example: an infographic. Make an infographic (use Pikochart.com or Infogram) to explain a certain concept of your industry.

  • Write a blog about it – develop written content about the infographic & include the image in the body of the blog
  • Post it – post the same infographic on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Google+, and Pinterest
  • Include it on a page on your website – if one of your content pages relates to the content on the infographic, include the infographic on that page
  • Turn it into a SlideShare presentation – break up the content of the infographic into a presentation, and upload it on SlideShare
  • Turn it into a YouTube video – same concept. Break up the content of the infographic and make a YouTube video out of it.
  • Send it to bloggers/journalists – pitch the information included on the infographic to journalists & bloggers and see if they want to include it on their site, and then link back to your website.
  • Send it out in your newsletter – put your infographic in your biweekly newsletter to send the information to everyone on your list.
  • Print it – put the infographic on a postcard & send it to your customers. Or print it on nice cardstock and keep copies at your store.

There are so many ways to syndicate your content across the web. That’s why you should focus on making fabulous content that sticks out, and using all the tools at your disposal to get it out to the masses.

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Written by Scribe Space Team