Are you wondering why on earth your restaurant would need a blog? “Who would ever want to read my blog about produce deliveries and server problems?” you may ponder. Well, any website owner needs a blog simply to drive more traffic to his or her page, that’s a given. Check out one of our older posts, “Why Blogging?” to learn about the SEO benefits of blogging. Frequent updates to a blog makes for happy search engines.

But, specifically for restaurant owners, blogs are a seriously underused tool. It will help broaden your reach to the local community. A blog helps your customers get to know you better and have a more personal experience.

What Should I Write About

Here are six topics you can write about in your restaurant blog that will increase traffic to your site, make first-time visitors into return visitors, and increase engagement with your customers.

    • Include recipes. People love recipes, especially from professionally trained chefs. Have your chefs share some of their favorite dishes, with their signature touches. You don’t have to give away the secrets of your menu items, but allow your kitchen staff to have a voice. Ask them about their cooking and prep tips and pass that info along to your faithful followers.
    • Staffing changes/bios/profiles. Make your customers get to the people on your staff. Hire a new server? Put his or her picture on the blog, with a short bio. It takes about 30 minutes to put something like that together, and customers will really start to feel at home in your restaurant. It’s the celebrity effect. When visitors see the real people who work in their real restaurant on your site, they feel like they know them already – making them more likely to venture out to your establishment for a celeb sighting.
    • Bragging. When the local paper writes up a review or you get featured in Zagat’s, write about it in your blog. Include a link to the original press article. Brag about yourself. Make your restaurant seem like it’s the most important spot in the neighborhood.
    • Events. Talk about your restaurants’ next belly dancing night or Taco Tuesday. Do kids eat free on Sunday? What are your latest Happy Hour specials? Let your customers know about the exciting goings-on in their soon-to-be favorite hot spot.
    • Suggestions. If there’s a fabulous full-bodied red that perfectly complements the filet, tell your customers about it. Suggest the best appetizer, entree, and dessert pairings. Offer insight about the best dishes to eat for vegetarians or diabetics. Let your customers know that you are committed to ensuring they receive the best experience possible that is specifically tailored to their dietary needs and likes.
    • Menu changes. Switch up the menu? New specials? Exciting fresh ingredients? Going 100% gluten-free, vegan, organic? Let your visitors know about it! Brag about how your restaurant is continuing to improve, change, and innovative. Ask your fans for suggestions on what they would like to see added to the menu and what changes they want.

Encourage customers to leave positive reviews and comments. Your customers need to know you care! The easiest way to start a blog is to add a blog feature to your website. Unsure of how to do it? Let us set it up for you! Then, you can share all your posts across all forms of social media, from Facebook to Google+.

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Written by Scribe Space Team