e get asked all the time – “Why would my business  need a blog?” You’re a lawyer. A dentist. You sell kids’ shoes. You clean houses. You are thinking – “Who is going to actually read my blogs?”

Here’s the secret: blogging’s main benefit is for search engine optimization (SEO), not necessarily to gain regular readership (though that is an added bonus!). When you blog, there are more pages on your site to index. This means you are increasing the likelihood that traffic to your website is going to increase.

We love infographics! Here’s what you need to know about SEO and blogging with some helpful pictures:

BLOGGING -web quality

Listen, having someone read your blog every day is great, but maybe not practical. Maybe you’re in the legal or medical field. Chances are, your potential clients and patients aren’t going to be following your blog obsessively. However, maintaining a regular blog greatly increases your web presence. The bigger the web presence, the more likely potential customers are going to be able to find you.

Abbey Finch, CEO, ScribeSpace

Indexed Pages

hat does this all mean? First off, the major benefits of blogging might not be entirely obvious to laymen. Basically, the more blogs you have on your site, the more pages Google has to index. The more pages (of high quality, unique content) you have on your site means Google gives more authority to your site. The more authority your site has, the higher it is going to rank on Google. And higher rankings means a more prominent web presence – which means more customers for you.

Long-Tail Keyword Searches

et us explain the benefit of targeting “long-tail keywords.” These may be very specific questions or ideas – often long searches – that users need to know the answer to, or want to know more about. You write about those topics in your blog. Then, the user types that into the search bar – and bam! They find your site.

Let us give you an example: a user wants to know “how long is my divorce in New Mexico going to take?” and types it into the Google search bar. Fortunately, ScribeSpace has written a blog for you entitled “How Long is My Divorce in New Mexico Going to Take?” The user lands on your blog. They peek through your website. They call call your firm and hire you. You’ve turned your blog into a marketing machine.


To increase the benefits of your blog, you need to syndicate your content throughout the Web. This mean establishing and maintaining social media profiles. This entails setting up your Google Authorship – Google loves when you use Google! Confused? Let our experts help.


    • To target “long-tail keywords.” In other words, targeting very specific inquires from potential leads.
    • To increase the number of indexed pages on your website
    • To use Google Authorship to increase the authority of your website
    • To provide potential customers with information they need to know
    • To showcase your business’ accomplishments, press, discounts, or deals
    • To explain to leads why they should buy your product or hire you


We know. You’re busy. That’s why we handle your website content. Let ScribeSpace set up and maintain your blog. We do all the work – you reap all the benefits. Call us today for a free consultation at 973-224-3934.

Written by Scribe Space Team